Our Online Store

Our Online Store
Medications shipped directly to your front door.

To shop our online store now go to: http://mtrainierequine.vetsfirstchoice.com

- place orders 24 hrs/ day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

- set up automatic recurring shipments of routinely used medications.

- avoid shipping and handling charges on orders over a certain dollar value.

We are proud to announce our online store. We launched it a while back but I would like to clarify what the site can and can't do. We partnered with Vet's First Choice to offer hassle-free online ordering where medications ship directly from our distributor to your home, instead of from our office. This allows our clients access not only to numerous prescription medications, but there are also many OTC medications and products. Other beneficial features of the store are:

When an order for a prescription is placed through the online store, our office is immediately notified of the request. Once the prescription is authorized by the doctor the products ship.

Please note we still are filling medication orders from our office to be mailed directly to you or picked up from the drop box, if you prefer.  Please note that to receive medication this way, you will need to call or email requests directly to us at 206-794-1351 or info@mtrainierequine.com.

Also if you have an email on file with us, you may receive marketing emails from our distributor notifying you of specials and information pertaining to our online store.  Please do not reply to these emails if you need to contact us directly. These emails communicate with our distributor not directly with us, and you have the option to opt out of receiving these emails at any time.  Just follow the instructions at the end of any of the Vet's First Choice communications to change your subscription preferences. If you have questions please contact us either via phone or email.

Because items ordered through the online pharmacy ship directly from a distribution warehouse, they can take a few days to arrive.  Please plan ahead when placing your order online, as we don't want your horse running out of important medication(s).   As compared to shipments from our office that usually are filled within 48 hours, orders placed online typically take between 3-5 days to arrive once they have been approved.